Tim Lincecum Busted for Weed

Tim LincecumMost of the baseball news these days has revolved around the World Series.  Not any longer.  Former Cy Young pitcher Tim Lincecum is making headlines this week as well.  Unfortunately its not for anything positive (except maybe a drug test, you see what I did there?).

In a report yesterday, it was revealed that Lincecum was caught with some pot in his car:

“Washington State Patrol spokesman Steve Schatzel said Thursday that the 2008 Cy Young Award winner and former star at the University of Washington was pulled over for speeding on Interstate 5 about four miles north of the Oregon border on Oct. 30.

“An officer approached Lincecum’s 2006 Mercedes and smelled marijuana. Schatzel says Lincecum immediately complied with a request to hand over the drug and a marijuana pipe.

“The amount measured was 3.3 grams. Schatzel says police consider that a small amount for personal use.”

So is it that hard to believe that a guy who has long goofy hair and dresses like kind of a stoner would turn out to actually be a stoner?  I’m not that surprised.  I also don’t think this will hurt him in any real way in terms of his contract or actual baseball playing.  Although if he’s anything like Geovany Soto, he should watch out.  After testing positive for marijuana in the World Baseball Classic, he went on to have a terrible season.

Hat Tip – [Big League Stew]

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