Chad Ochocinco Attempts to Bribe Ref With a Dollar Bill (Video)

Chad Ochocinco Attempts to Bribe Official With Dollar Bill

One thing we have learned through the first half of this NFL season is that there’s always something interesting to be seen when the cameras are on Chad Ochocinco. Last time it was a fan in the stands giving a one-fingered salute to eighty-five as he performed the Lambeau Leap in Green Bay.

This time it was Chad himself who was caught in the midst of a deviant act.

After Ochocinco hauled in a 15-yard pass from Carson Palmer along the sidelines, the Ravens decided to challenge the play believing that his toe was in fact out of bounds.  Replays showed that they were right, but that didn’t stop the Bengals’ wide receiver from trying his best to have the ruling on the field stand.  Unfortunately, whatever he was offering, the officials weren’t buying it.

For a man currently signed under a multi-million dollar contract, Ochocinco’s attempt to bribe the ref with a one-dollar bill seems rather cheap  It is therefore not surprising that his attempt was unsuccessful.  After all, this isn’t basketball.

Ochocinco was clearly trying to keep his offer low-key, and although he wasn’t exactly “making it rain,” the cameras were able to spot Eighty-Five in another one of his “must see moments.”

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