Chelsea Fan Brushes Teeth in Stands During Game (Video)

Chelsea Fan Brushes Teeth in standsSome things you can expect to see at a European soccer game may include a few fans running onto the field to score a goal, and quite possibly some hot porn stars flashing their breasts to the crowd.

Now, thanks to this Chelsea supporter, you can add the brushing of teeth to the list.  Who says the English are known for having poor dental hygiene?

During the battle between English Premiere League powerhouses Manchester United and Chelsea on Sunday an odd occurrence was spotted in the stands.  As a substitution was taking place in the 82nd minute of the game, cameras caught one individual with front row seats getting in his morning brush.  Only problem is it was about 6pm (and he was in the middle of watching a soccer game) when he decided to put the bristles to his teeth.

Chelsea would end up winning this game 1-0, and thankfully this fan had freshened up his breath just in time to cheer the night away.

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