Female Diver Smashes Face against Diving Board (Video)

dive failWe’ll call this dive the single somersault face plant.  Its degree of difficulty is quite high, but I think it is fair to say that this young female nailed it, literally!

Diving board faceplants have to be one of the most frightening sports catastrophes.  Think about it.  You are about to dive into a deep pool of water, but before you enter you smash your head against a rather hard object.  It sounds like a case of death by drowning just waiting to happen.

Fortunately this girl was alright and able to swim out of the pool under her own power.  Her face did not appear to be bruised, but her ego surely was.

As for her final score, let’s give her a 7.8/10.  She nailed the faceplant, but could have given us some blood.  She has much to learn when it comes to smashing her head with objects.  Perhaps the Seahawks Owen Schmitt can provide her with some useful tips.

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