Fight Breaks Out During High School Girls Soccer Game (Video)

Fight Breaks Out During High School Girls Soccer GameWould it be so wrong of me to assume that maybe it is just that time of the month?  How else would you explain all of the violent behavior occurring during female soccer games?

Last week it was Elizabeth Lambert of the University of New Mexico who went all “crazy bitch” on her opponents during a Mountain West Conference Tournament semifinal game against BYU.  She has since been suspended indefinately by the school for her actions.

This time it is the students at Tolman and Woonsocket doing the hair pulling and face scratching during the Rhode Island State soccer championship, which took place in Providence on Sunday night.  It all started when two players from opposing teams collided during the play.  After one of the females was knocked to the floor, she got to her feet and proceeded to push her counterpart repeatedly.  Punches would eventually begin to fly as several of the players joined the fray.  Order was eventually restored, but not for long.

Following the game during the award ceremony, a scuffle broke out in the stands between fans from both schools.  However, when it was all said and done, no arrests were made and everyone went home in one piece.

Truth be told, this aggressive behavior may have finally given us a reason to care about female soccer.

Hat Tip – [DeadSpin] via [WPRI]

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