Unfortunately For This Raiders Fan, Tattoos Are Forever

Raiders Fan Tattoo on Head

Either this guy got a Raiders symbol tattooed on the back of his head earlier in the decade during the promising Rich Ganon and Tim Brown years, or he is pleased to support the modern day embarrassment that is the 2009 Oakland Raiders and their abusive bench boss Tom Cable.

Either way, it seems like the only place you would expect to see such a character (besides in the Black Hole itself) is at a local Walmart in Oakland.  That is where this guy was spotted, but don’t expect to see him added to our list of Amazing Sports Fan Tattoos. The only thing amazing about this is he actually has the nerve to walk around with that thing on his head.

Sadly it seems as though the toxins you would expect to find seeping from a Raiders crest have entered his brain and disoriented him enough to think the purchase of a Darren McFadden jersey would be a smart investment.  He should have used that $10 on a hat.

Hat Tip – [People Of Walmart]

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