Bounce Pass in High School Football Game Goes For TD (Video)

Bounce Pass in High School Football Game Goes For TouchdownWhat some might consider the greatest trick play in sports history (I am one of those) occurred in a high school football game recently.  This beats out the Oil City miracle by a mile.  Brad Heap of Mountain View High throws a pass into the dirt that one hops right into the hands of wide receiver Baue Stapley.  The defense, believing the play to be dead, stops running.  That’s when the gloves come off.

With the defense lulled to sleep by the “incomplete” pass, Stapley throws downfield to a streaking receiver for a touchdown.  The problem for the defense? The one-hopper was not incomplete.  Since the ball was thrown laterally (or even behind the quarterback), the ball is still in play and the one-hop pass is treated as a fumble.  Therein lies the genius of the play.

What makes it great is how risky it is.  Unlike the famed behind the back pass play, the risk factor in this play is extremely high.  While an interception is possible in the behind back pass, it is a lot less likely than a football not bouncing exactly where you want it to go.  If that ball had not been a perfect bounce into Stapley’s hands, you are looking at a live ball for the defense to possibly pick up and return for a touchdown.

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