Jenn Sterger is Getting Rid of Her Money-Makers

Jenn StergerFor those of you who don’t know who Jenn Sterger is, let me give you a quick background.  On a CBS telecast of a Florida State game, the camera panned to a group of FSU fans in the crowd.  They weren’t just any fans though, they were stunningly gorgeous.  Led by Sterger in a cowgirl hat (essentially her Halloween costume all year round), the short screenshot of these girls led her to a brief 15 minutes of fame that she was able to drag out to this day.  She parlayed the small bit of exposure into a career, creating a huge myspace and twitter following, not to mention the blogosphere drooling over her.  Since then she has posed in Maxim and other magazines as well, although never photographed in a painted on jersey that I know of (too bad).

Now back to the story at hand.  What made (and continues to make) Sterger such a draw is her beautiful implants.  No need to beat around the bush.  That is why the news that she is getting rid of them is so shocking:

In an effort to reinvent myself, in a cut throat industry that was becoming more and more competitive the deeper I swam, I made the decision to go against the grain and remove my implants.

I’m not sure how getting rid of her implants will help her reinvent herself in a way that makes her relevant in today’s society, but it sure is going against the grain.  While personally I respect her for the decision, it seems like her motive is trying to stay relevant, and those implants were really the main thing keeping her in the public eye.  It is an unfortunate reflection of our society that this is the case, but it is a reality.  We’ll see how this reinvention helps her, but for now I think I speak for everyone when I say “they’ll be missed.”

Jenn Sterger and Friends

Hat Tip – [DeadSpin] via [OfficiallyJenn]