Marat Safin Thinks Agassi Should Give Up His Titles

Marat Safin Thinks Agassi Should Give Up His TitlesMarat Safin is a former top-ranked tennis player.  As such he apparently believes that he has the right and duty to call out Andre Agassi on all the titles he won.  Safin thinks that Agassi should give all his titles back after a recent confession that Agassi tested positive for banned substances and lied about it.

Safin, who is contemplating retirement himself, is claiming that Agassi should not only give back his titles, but also all his money earned while playing tennis.  Safin’s adoring fans may agree with him, but I doubt most other people would.  After he tested positive in 1997, he lied to the ATP about it and was allowed to continue playing.  During his playing career he 60 titles which includes 8 Grand Slams.  That is quite a resume and his new book, with its admissions about drug use, throw all those titles into question.

Obviously the request to return all the money is a bit ridiculous, but perhaps Agassi should return his titles.  If anything, the ATP should be held responsible as well, after being negligent or even complicit in Agassi’s deception.  The ATP cannot exactly strip the titles either, because of their involvement in the whole situation.

I don’t think anyone will be returning any titles, and certainly not any money, but its interesting to think about how this would work.  In the Olympics, the gold medalist is stripped of her medal and the silver winner steps in.  In baseball, as we’ve seen, a strong union has allowed the players to not only keep their money and awards, but play without any serious repercussions.  Tennis?  With the ATP being complicit in the crime here, it is more likely that it will be treated like baseball than like the Olympics.

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