Tennis Sensation Caroline Wozniacki Bikini Photos

Caroline Wozniacki

Something about these young female tennis stars is so hot, except for the American ones who are a bit manly like the Williams sisters.  It’s probably their amazing bodies from being in such good shape, but there is something more than that.  Caroline Wozniacki is 19 years old and unlike Anna Kournikova, isn’t only known for her great looks.  She also happens to be the 4th ranked tennis star in the world.

While on a trip to an Indian Ocean beach, the paparazzi caught up with her and was able to snap some amazing bikini shots.  Although most of these female tennis players are a bit, well, flat, Wozniacki has some nice curves to go with her wicked forehand.

The Danish star was tracked down in these pictures and although she isn’t quite as tan or curvy as Jenn Sterger (although Sterger is not going to be quite as curvy in the following weeks), she also has earned her fame with some actual talent.  In these pictures she is spending time with some friends and her sisters relaxing at the beach.  I wonder what kind of night-life she participates in too.  Even though she has the innocent foreign girl-next-door look, I bet she knows how to party.

Caroline Wozniacki Bikini PhotoCaroline Wozniacki Bikini PhotoCaroline Wozniacki Bikini Photo

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