New Twins Commercial Features Joe Mauer in Bubble Wrap (Video)

New Twins Commercial Features Joe Mauer in Bubble WrapThe Minnesota Twins are finally leaving what is arguably the worst stadium in Major League Baseball, the Metrodome, for a brand new field.  The new state-of-the-art facility will be known as Target Field and will finally allow the Twins to play on a field that doesn’t feel like a giant landfill.

To commemorate this new field, the Twins have released a hilarious commercial.  While the commercial doesn’t have enough women’s behinds in it like the new Reebok spots, it is still worth watching.  Humorous sports commercials have been really good this year.  This one even seems funnier than the Dwight Schrute ads for the NBA on TNT.

This Twins commercial gives us our first real look at the new field, which seems like a beautiful ballpark.  In it, delivery trucks are rolling into the field and “delivering” different players and items.  Boxes, championship trophies, and even Denard Spahn are unloaded at the field.  The best part of the clip, however, is when one of the movers wheels a bubble-wrap encased Joe Mauer on a dolly onto the field.  The mover asks the foreman with the clipboard “where do you want Joe Mauer?”  To which the foreman responds, “Mauer…behind the plate.”  The commercial also features Michael Cuddyer, Joe Nathan, and even a White Sox fan.

Hat Tip – [Sports By Brooks]

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