Angry Hockey Coach Litters Ice With Equipment (Video)

Hockey Coach Freaks Out and Throws Equipment on the IcePeople get thrown out of sporting events all the time for all kinds of behavior.  Sometimes its unfair and sometimes it makes complete sense.  Regardless, when a player gets tossed and makes a big scene it can be very funny, even hilarious.  When a coach throws a tantrum, it can go beyond that.  As a Cubs fan, I’ve seen Lou Piniella get tossed for all kinds of behavior that can only be classified as priceless.

This minor league hockey coach goes absolutely crazy when a call goes against him.  After his behavior he is ejected, though at least his actions didn’t cost his team the game like Serena’s did.  Apparently he was an interim coach and the general manager, but after this display he has been suspended indefinitely by the league.  It goes without saying that he is obviously no longer the coach either.

The clip jumps right into the coach, Brent Sapergia, throwing sticks, pucks, and whatever other equipment he can get his hands on onto the ice.  The best part is when the the reporter says “he makes Bobby Knight look like an altar boy”.  That’s a pretty witty comment from the local sports guy.  Maybe focus isn’t all it takes to be a good reporter.  Its true if you think about it too, this guy outdoes the great tantrum man himself, Bobby Knight.  Where Knight just threw a chair, This guy threw everything he could find.  Kudos (former) Coach Sapergia.

A Fans View From The Stands

Report From a Local News Station “GMA”

Hat Tip Video – [TheBigLead]

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