The Fastest Soccer Goal Ever (Video)

The Fastest Soccer Goal EverI didn’t play soccer past about 8th grade, and I sure as hell never played goalie, but I’m confident that this goalie is possibly the worst to ever take the field.  Aren’t goalies supposed to stop easy goals like that in their sleep?

Finally a soccer highlight that doesn’t involve assault and battery.  During this play, the guy who takes the shot is basically just trying to clear the ball from about midfield, but it soars over the goalie’s head and goes in.  Usually I don’t like to say this kind of stuff when athletes screw up, but I think I can say it here:  I could have made that stop.  All you need to do is be able to jump about a foot in the air.  I don’t have the greatest vertical, but there’s no huge issue of timing since the goalie had all the time in the world to set up the block.

If this were baseball, or football, in America, that player would be booed and torn apart in the media the next day.  In soccer? Don’t players get beaten up and shot for plays like this?

Also what an awesome celebration.  It’s not quite as clever as the man running in the stands to cheer for himself, but its a group display which makes it even better in some ways.  If there is one thing that soccer has over football, its definitely the team celebrations.  In the NFL they are not allowed to do a team celebration (i.e. a dance by the entire team), but in soccer, creativity in celebrations is overlooked and even encouraged.  God bless crazy international sports.

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