Travis Outlaw Tomahawk Dunks On Rudy Gay

Travis Outlaw Tomahawk Dunks On Rudy GayDunks come in all shapes and sizes, but generally they can be broken down into two categories: a dunk, and a DUNK.  If you are a basketball fan you know what I mean.  If you’re not, let me explain it to you.  Sometimes, in the flow of the game, someone throws down a dunk.  It could be two-handed or one-handed and it is worth 2 points.  That’s the first kind.  Then there’s the dunk that is made with authority in a defender’s face or out in transition that resonates far beyond the two points that are tallied on the scoreboard.  That’s the second kind of dunk, the DUNK.

Carmelo Anthony showed us a huge slam last week to open the NBA season.  That was a ridiculous dunk.  Now, Travis Outlaw is having his say with the rim and his defender Rudy Gay.  In this video, Outlaw gets full extension with his arm and throws down on Rudy Gay. That is a statement dunk and it was reflected in the final score, as Outlaw’s Blazers crushed the lowly Grizzlies.

This is what we call in the basketball world “getting posterized”.  LeBron wanted to posterize former President George W. Bush. In essence, Gay was right up in Outlaw’s face when Outlaw threw down the dunk, meaning that if a poster is made of this dunk, Gay will be featured prominently with a scrunched up “dunked on” face.  Ouch.

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