Chad Ochocinco Creates New NFL Rules

Chad Ochocinco has always been a source of funny quotes, great touchdown celebrations, and all-around clowning.  He also was an excellent NFL wide receiver.  Until last season that is, where he had a terrible season.  While he was moping about that, he stayed away from the spotlight much more than in prior seasons.

Thankfully for all of us, he is having a good season this year, and as a result, is up to his old tricks.  Last time we checked in with Chad, he was apparently trying to bribe a referee with a 1-dollar bill.  This time, he posted a laminated NFL rule, Rule #1059 apparently, on his twitter account.  He obviously was involved in making the trash-talking sign, and it the kind of great trash-talking egotistical nonsense we’ve come to expect and love from Chad.

The rule basically states that it is a violation to try to cover Chad one-on-one. The fact that it is probably good advice doesn’t change the cocky tone, just ask the Packers fans that enjoyed his little Lambeau Leap recently.  How can we not love a guy that is willing to put his giant gold grill out on a limb like this week after week?  The Bengals are definitely loving him this year.  After some grumblings that he wanted out of Cincy last season, he has helped lead them to a 6-2 record with his 639 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns so far this year.

If it takes the Bengals being good for Chad to entertain us like this, consider me a Cincinnati fan.

Chad Ochocinco Creates New NFL Rules

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