Mike Tyson KOs Paparazzi at Airport

Mike Tyson KOs Paparazzi at AirportMike Tyson is known for his killer punches in the ring, but apparently now he is utilizing them outside the ring.  Even though Tyson is public enemy #1 at times, there’s little sympathy for his newest victim.  A paparazzi photographer came a little too close to Tyson and got what was coming to him.

The story goes that Tyson was standing in a ticket counter line at LAX when the photographer came too close and POW, Tyson cracked him in the face.  The photographer then fell to the ground with blood coming out of his face.    Although it might not have been as powerful as Emelianenko’s shot on Rogers, it still had to hurt like hell.  He got up and began walking away with a trail of blood following him.

An ambulance took the photographer to the hospital, while Tyson was escorted away in the back of a squad car.  The best part of the story has to be that Tyson and the paparazzo both attempted to make citizens’ arrests of each other before the police had arrived.  Who does that?  If I got punched in the face by Tyson, the last thing I would yell is “I’m putting you under a citizen’s arrest!”  Unless of course I wanted to get punched again.  To be honest I would rather crack my face on a diving board then take even one punch from Tyson.

Tyson’s defense? He says he was traveling with his 10-month old daughter when the over-aggressive photographer came too close.  He claims he was acting in defense of his little girl.

Tyson was booked for misdemeanor battery but since he is a professional boxer, it could end up being assault with a deadly weapon.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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