Charles Barkley Wears “Whiteface” Sammy Sosa on TNT (Video)

Charles Barkley Wears Whiteface Sammy SosaSammy Sosa was back in the news recently after pictures of him surfaced on the internet featuring a significantly paler looking complexion.  His official explanation for his paler face was that he is undergoing a skin rejuvenation procedure which makes his skin look like that temporarily.

Anyways, the media storm surrounding the photos has led to a classic Charles Barkley moment.  Barkley has always kept us entertained on Inside the NBA on TNT, but this clip of him with Ernie and Kenny really takes the cake.  In preparation for a segment they were doing on what the analysts would look like if they had the same “skin rejuvenation” done on them, Charles was sitting on the set with a make-up artist applying “whiteface” to him.  It’s one thing when Derek Jeter dresses as a homeless man, its another when someone dresses as another race.  Thankfully the cameras caught it all live when it was aired last night.

While Charles is acting like his goofy self, Kenny Smith shouts “Say it loud!”  He then declares, “I’m black and I’m proud.” Barkley had to get his two cents in, walking perilously close to some inappropriate racial remarks. He asks Smith, “If I become white, am I allowed to eat chicken and ham-hocks?”  Forget perilously close to inappropriate, that is wildly inappropriate.  Only Chuck could pull it off though.

Even though Charles can say anything he wants and it seems to be okay, you have to think this one crossed the line a bit.  Lucky for us we can just laugh at it and let TNT worry about the consequences.

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