Derek Jeter Dresses Like a Homeless Man

Derek Jeter Dresses Like Homeless ManDon’t worry, Derek Jeter isn’t actually homeless.  In fact, he could probably buy and sell you 100 times without batting an eye.  The Jeter you see pictured here in a goofy, floppy wig is just being staged for a movie.  Jeter has been loved by his adoring fans as Mr. Smooth and a gazillionaire since I could remember, which makes this photo all the more appealing.

Apparently he was dressed like this to film a new movie he will be making a cameo in.  The movie is called “The Other Guys” and it is being done by Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg (formerly of Marky Mark fame).  Jeter is coming off one of his best seasons ever, one in which he won a gold glove and helped his Yankees gain another World Series trophy to go with the others he helped them get at the turn of the century.

It’s always good to see an athlete or celebrity be able to poke fun at himself, and this is no different.  Hopefully Jeter isn’t the only Yankee we get to see wearing a blond wig and dressed as a homeless guy.  As we all know, the Yankee payroll is the highest in all of baseball, so those guys are far from homeless.  It would be a pleasure to see all those cocky rich Yankees donning homeless gear.

Hat Tip Images – [DListed]

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