Elizabeth Lambert Is Looking For A Date (Video)

Elizabeth Lambert Is Looking For A DateAfter being labeled “psycho bitch” and “butch”, among the many other names that New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert has received in recent weeks following her on-the-field antics in a game against BYU, it may not be surprising to hear that she has experienced some trouble finding a male companion in her life.

Now that she has plenty of free time on her hands after being suspended for her actions, she is looking for a man to spend that time with.  So are you the right match for her?

That is the question Lambert is looking to have answered as she has released her own dating video hoping of finding some worthy takers out there.  So what is Elizabeth looking for in a man?  Someone who is smart, funny, preferably a New Mexican, and someone who can take what she dishes out.

That may be asking for a lot, but if you think you can fill her needs we suggest you check out the video for more of her interests.

Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]

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