Jamar Wall’s Hit On Zac Robinson Was A Triple KO

Jamar Wall's Hit On Zac Robinson Was A Triple KOOklahoma State Cowboys football games have provided their fair share of big hits thus far this year.  Unfortunately, they always seem to be on the receiving end of them.

Earlier in the season it was wideout Justin Blackmon getting laid out over the middle by Georgia’s Reshad Jones.  This time it was their standout quarterback Zac Robinson who was the victim of a devastating triple KO hit from Texas Tech’s Jamar Wall.  So what exactly does a triple KO hit consist of?  Robinson was knocked out, Wall was knocked out, and the ball was knocked out.

The play occurred late in the fourth quarter with the Cowboys up 24-17.  On a 2nd-and-10 play from the Red Raiders’ 14-yard line, Robinson rolled out to his right and found an opening, but as he approached the first down line, rather than making the safe play and sliding feet first, he dove head first and was drilled by Wall.  Just when it seemed as though the games was over, the Raiders recovered the fumble and had one final chance to score the game-tying touchdown.

Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t capitalize.  As for Robinson and Wall.  They remained on the field for a few minutes after the collision before being helped off by the trainers.  So what did OSU coach Mike Gundy have to say about his quarterback’s late game effort?

“At that point in the game, that play essentially seals the game for you. When he took that hit, Zac’s competing. He’s trying to score,” Gundy said. “If when he got out there, he slides, the game’s over. You can just sit on it because they don’t have any timeouts. Hopefully his head’s OK and I can pound on him for that.” [ESPN]

I think it is safe to say Robinson learned his lesson the hard way this time.

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