A Drooling Ric Flair Visits The Local Walmart

rick flair walmartWWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair may be busy these days selling instant lottery scratch tickets in his home state of North Carolina, but that hasn’t stopped him from traveling throughout the country to visit some of his fans.

So where would you expect to see most WWE die hard followers hanging out?  How about at the local Walmart, mixed in with the head-tattooed Raiders fans and John Daly-Donald Trump hybrid creatures.  That must have been what the Nature Boy was thinking when he paid a visit to shake some hands and sign some autographs.

Although Flair did manage to make some free time in his busy schedule, it appears as though he may still have difficulty finding a minute to wipe his own face.  No worries though, as it looks like he has hired someone to take care of that for him.

Hat Tip Pic – [People Of Walmart]

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