Ron Artest Plays Go-Fetch With Trevor Ariza’s Shoe (Video)

Ron Artest Plays Go-Fetch With Trevor Ariza's ShoeLast night when the Houston Rockets visited the Staples Center to take on the Los Angeles Lakers, the big story prior to the game was Ron Artest and Trevor Ariza taking on their former teams after swapping spots with each other over the off-season.

With Ariza having moved on to Houston after winning an NBA championship ring with the Lakers last year (which he received last night), and Artest hoping to get one of his own this year playing alongside Kobe Bryant, the two were in the spotlight and did manage to provide some entertainment.

Getting under the skin of the opposition is nothing new to Artest, and rather than going at one of his former teammates, he went at the man who took his spot in the Houston line-up.  Early in the first quarter, with the play in the Rockets end, Ariza lost his shoe in the key, and just as he went to retrieve it, Artest grabbed it off the floor and tossed it into the stands.  That gave the Lakers just enough time to collect a defensive rebound (after the Rockets had failed on a fast-break opportunity of their own), take the ball down the court, and hit a three-pointer.

That play put the Lakers up 9-2, but in the end it would be Ariza who would get the last laugh as he left the arena with the championship ring, and the 101-91 victory.

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