The Dangers Of Indoor Fireworks – Patriots vs. Colts

The Dangers Of Indoor Fireworks - Patriots vs. ColtsThere were plenty of fireworks going off at Lucas Oil Stadium as the New England Patriots were in town to visit the undefeated Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night.  While the 35-34 air show put on by Tom Brady and Peyton Manning may have been great for many fantasy owners (and bad for many others), it did get dangerous for a moment in the first quarter.

With the Colts lined up for a 3rd-and-11 play at the Patriots’ 15-yard line, Manning hit running back Joseph Addai on a screen pass for the touchdown, giving Indy the early 7-0 lead and setting off the fireworks within the indoor stadium.

Fireworks in an indoor stadium?  You likely know where this is heading.

Before Matt Stover could attempt the extra point, someone from the Colts’ sideline was forced to run onto the field with a bottle of water and put out one of the several mini-blazes that were sparked.  Another fire further down the field continued to burn as the kick went through the uprights.

I guess you could say that the Colts were lighting the field on fire, and although for a moment it seemed like the Partiots were going to run away with this game, leading 31-14 in the 4th quarter, these mini-blazes may have simply provided a bit of foreshadowing for what the Indianapolis offense was about to unleash.  Down the stretch Payton Manning and company were on fire, scoring three touchdowns on route to another great comeback victory in this storied rivalry.

As for the 1st quarter fires, their heat may not stack up well against other sports infernos, like those in F1 racing or during European soccer riots, but that did not seem to stop either defensive unit from getting burned in this game.

You can see the fire, and hear Al Michaels‘ displeasure for indoor fireworks, at about the 1:00 mark.