Titans Owner Bud Adams Fires Off A Two-Fingered Celebratory Salute

Titans Owner Bud Adams Fires Off A Two-Fingered Celebratory SaluteIn the current NFL, commissioner Roger Goodell may seem like the Czar of anti-fun, but there are still plenty of great ways for both players and fans to celebrate touchdowns and victories.  Chad Ochocinco, for example, prefers the intrusive visiting player Lambeau Leap, which is likely to be met with some unexpected gestures from angry Packers fans.  Then there are the fans at the new Cowboy Stadium, who prefer celebrating a victory with a bathroom quickie.

And finally we have Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams, who at 86 years old may seem a little old fashion, and the same can be said for his victory celebration Sunday afternoon.

As the Titans were putting the finishing touches on a 41-17 victory against the Bills, cameras caught Adams in his press box flipping a couple of middle fingers in the direction of the Buffalo sideline.

Dressed in his Titans-blue suit, Adams put together a little bird-flipping dance routine, and thanks to today’s technology, his message was sent loud and clear.  Now he should expect that message to be returned by commissioner Goodell in the very near future, in the form of a fine of course.

Hat Tip – [Pro Football Talk]

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