Tiger Woods Loses Ball and Throws Club in Crowd

Tiger Woods Loses Ball and Throws Club in CrowdIf there is one thing we should learn from this video of Tiger Woods, it is that an angry Tiger is also a dangerous Tiger.

This is not necessarily a new lesson for some of us as we have seen Tiger unleash his furry on a golf club before, but for those who thought that was a one-time thing, think again.

During his Saturday round at the Australian Masters, Tiger hit an arrant shot on the 13th tee that sailed wide right.  That caused him to slam his club into the ground in disgust.  However, after bouncing off the ground, the club ricocheted into the crowd behind Tiger.  Fortunately everyone was alright and Woods was able to retrieve the club, but how much longer can we take this club tossing?

We all know that Tiger Woods has his good days and his bad days, and he expects the best from himself every time he gets on the golf course, but is the excessive rants and club tossing really necessary?  After all, it is all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Hat Tip – [Devil Ball Golf]