Kobe Bryant Hits Amazing Circus Shot Against The Pistons

Kobe Bryant Hits Amazing Circus Shot Against The PistonsWe already gave him last night’s “Stat Line Of The Night” for helping the Los Angeles Lakers end a two-game losing skid, but apparently that was not enough.  After all, how can we refuse to acknowledge a circus shot like this one made by Kobe Bryant.  It may have accounted for only two of the 40 points he recorded on the night, but it will likely be the most difficult two points he drains all year.

Driving down the baseline, Kobe was met at the basket by former teammate Kwame Brown.  Looking to avoid having his shot blocked by the Pistons’ center, Bryant performed a 180-spin, shielding off Brown with his back, and tossed up a prayer over his head.  As is usually the case, Bryant’s prayer was answered as the ball dropped through the rim.

The points may not come as easy in the NBA for Kobe as they did during his high school years, but that hasn’t stopped him from making it look that way.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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