Rugby Fan Wins £250,000 With One Kick (Video)

Rugby Fan Wins 250000 With One Kick

For the 46,281 people in attendance at Wembley Stadium it was just another half time show, but for Stuart Tinner it was a chance to change his life.

After the first half of a rugby match played between Saracens and South Africa, a competition was held offering three randomly selected individuals the chance to kick for £250,000.  Tinner was one of those individuals.

He was picked for the contest after applying through a text message.  The rules were simple, or so it seemed.  If any of the contestants could hit the cross-bar with a 30-meter kick, they would win the cash.  Tinner stepped up first, punted the ball into the air, and nailed the target.  As you would expect, he was ecstatic, holding his arms in the air and celebrating with the lovely Saracens cheerleaders who he promised to take out to diner had he won the money.  It is therefore no surprise that they seemed equally overjoyed.

Then came the bad news.  Tinner had not followed the competition’s rules properly, which stated that the ball must be “drop-kicked,” not “punted.”  When the announcement was made, Tinner and his cheerleading companions were in disbelief, as were the thousands of fans in attendance.  However, after a brief discussion among contest officials, the giant check was eventually handed over to the 24-year-old Job Center worker.

When asked what he would do with the money, Tinner, who lives with his parents, said it would likely go towards the purchase of a flat and a new car.

“This is the second best day of my life – the best day was when I lost my virginity,” he said.  “I support Saracens but I don’t get to see them very frequently but you can put me down as a season-ticket holder now.  I have already spoken to my parents and they told me to keep my feet on the ground. They saw it on television.” [Mail Online]

As for the controversial call originally made by the contest officials, it is not the first time we have seen a kick spark such a debate, but at least this time the right call was made in the end.

Hat Tip – [Mail Online]

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