Basketball Player Sinks Ridiculous Shot While Sitting Backwards

Basketball Player Sinks Ridiculous Shot While Sitting BackwardsWhen you think of highlights or trick plays in basketball, generally what comes to mind is some sort of slam dunk, half-court shot, or clever pass.  Trick shots like the one in this video are a dime a dozen in an empty gym.  This took place in a full gym, with 9 other guys on the court and people in the stands watching.  That’s what makes it even more special.

Tyler Amaya plays basketball for the Bellingham Slam, an International Basketball League team.  Not only did he drop 44 points on this night, but he made an over-the-shoulder, back-to-the-basket shot while sitting on the floor.  He made that shot after driving to the lane, missing a wild shot attempt and hitting the deck, only to find the rebound had landed right in his hands.  Without hesitation and facing the complete wrong direction, he heaved up the one-handed shot and in it went.

Although maybe you know a guy who can make this shot in an empty gym, a few stars come to mind who might be able to pull something like this off in the flow of a game.  Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, George “Iceman” Gervin, and maybe Pistol Pete.  In fact Kobe made a circus shot of his own just the other night.  For Tyler Amaya, that’s good company to be included in.

Hat Tip – [Sports By Brooks]

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