Behind the Back Over the Head Touchdown Pass Actually Works

Behind the Back Over the Head Touchdown Pass Actually WorksThe art of performing a successful trick play can come down to deception as much as any specific execution on the field.  In this case, both were crucial to the success of the play.  And what a play it was.

Reminiscent of the behind the back basket scored by a minor league basketball player recently, this play was crazy.  While the basket was improvised (we assume), this play was actually designed to have an over-the-head back-turned throw.

Here’s how the play unfolds in the video.  The team is on the goal line about to score.  They line up in a run formation to trick the defense into stacking up all their guys in the box to stop the rush.  Then the quarterback snaps it and turns his back to hand the ball off, but instead flings it over his head without looking.  The tight end, or maybe left tackle (the guy is huge), sneaks out into the endzone as this is developing and catches the ball.

Unless you consider cheating in soccer a trick play, this may be the play of the week.  I wonder how much they ran this play in practice.  One would think it would take a lot of repetitions to nail that over-the-head pass right on the money.

Hat Tip Video – [WithLeather] via [SBNation]

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