Ref Blows Missed Goal in Red Wings Game (Video)

Ref Blows Missed Goal in Red Wings GameIt is definitely not professional sports refs’ year.  Tim Donaghy’s gambling on games was the beginning (and by far the worst) case of things going wrong for referees, but his incident was definitely not the only one.  Just today an uproar over the no-call on Henry’s shady handball spread through the sports media.  That wasn’t the only call last night that literally makes you wonder if refs are even paying attention to that games.

The Red Wings Brad May scored a goal, but the goal was called off due to the highly controversial (and insane) “intent to blow the whistle” call being made.  One problem, nowhere on the ice should a whistle have been blown and more importantly, there was about a 3 second delay between when the goal goes in and the whistle actually blows.  It sure seems like a lot longer than that though when you watch the video, doesn’t it?  The Red Wings went on to lose 3-1 and are understandably upset.

Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations for the NHL addressed the major issue here, which is the use of replay in hockey.  According to him:

“Usually the referees know exactly what’s happening and they would come to us and say, ‘Listen, I blew the whistle or my intent to blow the whistle was there. I’ve got this play dead before the puck crosses the goal line.’ No more need be said. Once we hear that, basically video review is now out of the process. We step aside and say it’s a call made on the ice and it’s a non-reviewable call. It’s a whistle blown by the referee and it was blown or the intent to blow it was before the puck crossed the goal line.”

He is defending the rule by saying that it was followed properly, but if that rule led to a bad call, then perhaps the rule should be changed.  Even Murphy admits that, going so far as to concede that the call was, in fact, the wrong one.

“In all cases we want to get the right call. In this case it appears we didn’t.”

You got that right Mr. Murphy.

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