Devils Travis Zajac Scores Crazy Shootout Goal

Devils Travis Zajac Scores Crazy Shootout GoalThe shootout is what sets hockey and soccer apart from all other sports.  It is the peak of sports drama, for the entire game to come down to one shot, man vs. man, with all other variables eliminated when the score is tied.

In this video we have a hockey shootout during the Predators-Devils game.  While this may not be “Goal-of-the-Year” material, its still fun to watch.  Travis Zajac skates right up to the net, fails on a quick little move, and the goalie goes to sleep.  The problem is that Zajac didn’t give up on it, and swung the puck around behind him and into the goal.  The goalie thought he lost the puck and that was it, but the play was not called dead.  This video is more about seeing a cool goal than blaming the referees for anything, and they surely did not make a mistake of epic proportions like the blown call that occurred at the Wings game the other night.

While the goal is a bit crazy and possibly questionable, the part that you can’t ignore is the ridiculous, possibly Canadian, laughter from the announcer.  It is a piercing, repetitive hoot that really cuts through the clip like a knife.  Anyways, back to the goal.

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