Fans Fight Over Hockey Stick At Ducks Game (Video)

Fans Fight Over Hockey Stick At Ducks GameThere is nothing quite like a free giveaway to bring out the best in fans, right?  Or the worst in them apparently as evidenced from this Anaheim Ducks game.  Hockey fans especially are known for their loyalty and aggressiveness, as opposed to baseball fans, who are just known for their weird displays of loyalty.

As Scott Niedermeyer was announced last night, he skated over to the fans and attempted to hand his stick to a little girl.  Some doofus tried to grab it from her, and a fight ensued.  It makes sense, a hockey game is physical and is the only sport that really allows fighting to occur without breaking it up quickly, so it is expected that the crowd would feed off the violent energy of the game.

But there was no actual game yet in this case.  The funny part is when the stick is completely forgotten and the punches start flying.  Niedermeyer is just kind of watching and it looks like he wants to get involved, or at least point out who the stick really should have gone to.  Eventually he just kind of gives up and slowly skates away from the mess.

Only one question remains for us watching at home trying to determine who won the fight: Is it okay for hockey fans to hit a girl?  Bsed on the little we saw, it looks like it flies in Anaheim at least.

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