Hilarious Attempt at World’s Longest Basketball Shot

Hilarious Attempt at World's Longest Basketball ShotA couple months back, a video circulated around the internet of what was arguably the longest basketball shot ever recorded on film.  It also brought into question how reliable these viral internet videos are and what kind of people spend so much time making them.  While youtube does have its upside, like all the great fights it brings us, it also has its downside.

Well someone made a video that is mocking the kind of people looking for youtube internet fame.  This video is a hilarious farce of what people are thinking when they make these clips, especially when the clips are clearly fake and poorly-thought out.  While that long shot from a few weeks ago was relatively well-done, there are many videos out there that are so fake it is embarrassing.

The guys that made this video do a great job of mocking them.  The premise is that two random guys decide to make a video of something they care little about, just because they want to get internet famous.  The looks on their faces are priceless when they see the ACTUAL video that they are making a farce of.  I’m not sure about the homoerotic ending, but all the missed shots and the two guys’ attitudes throughout capture the image of the worthless 21st century kid trying to get famous with no skills or talent.

What a great time we live in, no?

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