Devin Hester Has A Wardrobe Malfunction (Video)

Devin Hester Has A Wardrobe Malfunction

The NFL has experienced problems with wardrobe malfunctions before (think Janet Jackson and Super Bowl XXXVIII), and Sunday night’s game between the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles just added another to their resume.

A full moon could be seen in Chicago and thankfully NBC’s cameras were able to catch it. The Bears were down 24-20 with just over one minute remaining in the 4th quarter when Jay Cutler tried to hit Devin Hester on a quick slant. Hester may have been looking to shake the defender out of his clothes, but he would end up being the one losing his pants on this play.

The pass would fall incomplete, but that didn’t stop cornerback Dimitri Patterson from trying to slow down Hester by grabbing a handful of his pants, pulling them down well below his ass in the process. Last week it was Cutler’s five interceptions. This week it is some rear nudity. Yes, it certainly seems as though the Bears have been treating their fans to a number of graphic moments this season.

With this video evidence now available, Hester may be able to accumulate more votes than Italy’s Gennaro Gattuso for nicest ass, but that award still belongs another Chicago athlete; quarterback Ellie Cartabiano of the Lingerie Football League’s Chicago Bliss, who pulled a Hester of her own a few months ago.

Here is the clip.

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