Sometimes Columbus Blue Jacket Fans Can Really Blow

Sometimes Columbus Blue Jacket Fans Can Really BlowHockey supporters are undoubtedly a different breed of sports fans. You can usually expect to find them cheering for a fight to break out, and sometimes they may even find it necessary to start one of their own. Then there is this Columbus Blue Jackets fanatic, who seems to be on an entirely different level.

During the Blue Jackets game last week at home against the Oilers, the whistle was blown and a scrum ensued behind the Edmonton net. That was when cameras caught a fan on the other side of the glass performing some oral gestures at the Oilers’ players.

Reminiscent of the Toronto Blue Jays fans that were seen dressed up as umpires behind the plate calling strikes at home games, this guy seems to have the same idea in mind as he wore a referee’s uniform. However, he did decide to add in his own x-rated twist.

It remains unclear as to what type of penalty he was signaling. Two minutes for “blowing” perhaps?”

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