Pioneer High School Win Game On Wild Final Play

Pioneer High School Win Game On Wild Final PlayWith only a few seconds remaining on the clock, Pioneer High School found themselves down 8-7 to Woodland High and had one last chance to get the ball in the end zone.  All that was missing was the Stanford band.

With the ball spotted at the 44 yard line, Pioneer H.S. was hoping for a miracle, and that is exactly what they got.  One 10 yard pass and three laterals later, the ball was in the end zone and the home team was celebrating a 13-8 victory.  It had all the dramatics that we have seen in previous games from Webster Groves High School and Oil City High, but with the added dimension of some incredibly poor tackling.

Is it really that hard to bring your man to the ground, or even push him out of bounds?  I guess so, as the Woodland defense made the Pioneer players looks like a bunch of Adrian Peterson‘s on this play.

Yes, the band may have been missing in this one, but the boys on Woodland high certainly seem to tackle like little choir boys.

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