This is One Hard Hitting Six-Year-Old (Video)

This is One Hard Hitting Six-Year-OldWe all know that the professional, college, and even high school men can hit, but six-year-olds?

It may seem like a rather early age to have kids making tackles on each other, although most would likely assume that at such a young age these kids could not possibly hit hard enough to cause any pain or injury. That is certainly not the case for Nyrel Sevilla.

Making a bone crushing hit in practice during tackling drills is one thing, but Sevilla does his dirty work during games, when it really counts. It is amazing to see a 6-year-old bring such a physical presence to the game, however, when you consider that it is other 6-year-old boys (who often appear confused) that he is sending several feet through the air, you may begin to question the sanity of it all.

But as long as they allow it to happen, we will continue to show it to you all. Enjoy.

Hat Tip – [With Leather]

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