Clemson Trainer Face Plants During Entrance

Clemson Trainer Face Plants During EntranceThis clip is proof of why females can not play sports with males.  Not only are they prone to injury during games, but even something so simple, like running out onto the field prior to kickoff, is difficult for them.

Here we have a Clemson female trainer face planting as she made her way out through the tunnel prior to the Tigers’ game this past weekend against the South Carolina Gamecocks.  The hill they enter through is rather steep and has some sort of a ramp at the bottom, which most of the players tend to jump off of, but this young woman decided to try something different, sliding face first down it, unintentionally of course.

In all seriousness, she has likely been suffering through the embarrassment of having a stadium full of fans witness her incompetence for walking, but if it makes her feel any better, someone should tell her she isn’t the first person in the NCAA to suffer through a rough field entrance.

The Clemson Tigers prefer to call their pre-game entrance “the most exciting 25 seconds in college football,” and on Saturday they may have lived up to that thanks to this female trainer (fall at 33 second mark).

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