Ric Flair’s Bare Ass Is Not A Sight For Sore Eyes

The aging wonders, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, took to the ring in Australia as part of a wrestling tour the two have put together with several other former WWE stars.  And much to the surprise of those in attendance, a full moon was out in the land down under.

In Devin Hester-like fashion, Flair was de-pantsed by the Hulkster during the match, giving the fans a preview of what 60-year-old ass looks like.  You would think wardrobe malfunctions would be more common in the wrestling entertainment business, but it is a completely different story when the WWE Divas are the ones losing their clothes.  When it is the rear of a senior citizen being uncovered, something needs to be done.

Can’t we get these guys a belt, or pants with strings around the waist to prevent these kinds of incidents?  If you ask me, refunds should be considered for those who had to witness this dreadful moment.Ric Flair's Bare Ass Is Not A Sight For Sore Eyes

Hat Tip – [TMZ]