Tiger Woods is Having an Affair with Rachel Uchitel – National Enquirer Reports

Rachel Uchitel and Tiger WoodsReports coming out of the National Enquirer are stating that Tiger Woods has been cheating on his gorgeous wife, Elin Nordegren , with a New York woman by the name of Rachel Uchitel.  The story will be featured on the magazine’s December 7 issue, but because of the credibility of the source, we should refrain from jumping to any conclusions.

Rachel, who has been described as a 34-year-old party girl, has been know for her tendency to date married celebrities.  It is believed that the two have spent time together in New York, Las Vegas and Australia, where Tiger was recently playing in the Australian Masters.  Reporters from the Enquirer approached Rachel at the Crown Towers Hotel in Melbourne, where Tiger was also staying for the weekend.  When asked if she was there to meet with Woods, she denied the claim, stating that she was in town with her boyfriend for business reasons.  She later admitted that the story about her boyfriend was false, and confessed that she had met Tiger an two separate occasions.

Although this does not mean that the accusations are true, you can expect the word to begin spreading like wildfire.  However, we have to question the validity of this story, especially when considering Tiger’s current wife.  I mean, seriously, who downgrades like that in an affair?  It is bad enough when you decide to cheat, but at least when you are upgrading your stock, it seems somewhat reasonable (not that I am condoning extramartial affairs, or cheating of any kind).

This seems like the type of story that would make Tiger snap.  We have seen it before.  Get ready to see it again.

Hat Tip – [SportsByBrooks] (check them out for more info on Rachel)

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