Georges St. Pierre is Not Impressed With Taylor Swift (Parody)

Georges St. Pierre is Not Impressed With Taylor SwiftEveryone remembers Kanye West punking Taylor Swift at the VMAs, but what really took the nation by storm were the ridiculous spin-offs created online with photoshop and video editing.  For instance, this one with Kanye and Roger Federer is classic.  It seems like it will never get old, with new creative re-cut versions of Kanye dissing Swift on air coming out all the time.

This video is no exception.  Here’s a quick background if you somehow missed the craziness of the VMAs.  Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video.  Most people had thought Beyonce was going to win it, but Swift pulled off the upset.  She seems like a sweet girl and no one really begrudged her the victory.  No one but Kanye.  He raced up on stage and told her she was great, but she didn’t deserve the award, Beyonce did.

This parody video.  Georges St. Pierre fills in for Kanye, telling Swift that she won the fight and fought well, but he can’t wait to fight her.  The implication was that GSP, a beast of a human being, would pummel Taylor Swift, a skinny young girl.  I’m not sure if he is trying to send a message about wrestling for Canada in the 2012 Olympics or not.  Either way, due to a halfway decent cut of the video, it almost looks like GSP is actually on the stage saying those things.  The combination of Taylor Swift, country music star, and GSP, MMA champion, is entertaining  to say the least.

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