Classic WWE Moments: The Barber Shop Showdown

The RockersThis week in classic WWE moments TPS showcases and event that ignited the career of one of the WWE’s most renowned superstars. From 1985 to 1992, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty formed one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history, “The Rockers”.

The Rockers were a high flying, high energy tag team, and this made them fan favorites. In an era that included some of the greatest tag teams of all time, including The Demolition, The Legion of Doom and the Hart Foundation, the Rockers were often left in the shadows.

In the ladder part of 1991, the tag team became somewhat dysfunctional. Marty Jannetty cost Michaels a match against Rick Flair, by rolling him into the ring only to be pinned. In their final television appearance as a tag team, The Rockers faced The Legion of Doom for the titles. After losing the match, Michaels and Jannetty began arguing over who was to blame.

Finally after months of tension between the two superstars, Michaels and Jannetty resolved their problems on Brutus Beefcake’s “Barbershop”. This historic moment started the career of a WWE living legand who continues to entertain every Monday night on Raw, as part of DX, and arguably ended the career of Marty Jannetty.

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