Coach Josh McDaniels Drops F-Bomb On Live T.V. (Video)

Josh McDaniels Expletive-Laced Tirade Captured on NFL NetworkJosh McDaniels isn’t one of those nice guys everyone wants to work with.  In fact, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy I would even want to pass by on the street.  It’s not that his hot temper and bad attitude haven’t garnered any results (they have, a terrible Broncos team somehow opened the season 6-0 before going 0-4 entering yesterday’s game), it’s just that he isn’t the most friendly or likable guy.  After running Jay Cutler out of town, pissing off his best wide receiver, and generally making everyone he comes into contact with hate him, you would think the T.V. people would know that its a bad idea to mic him up.

Thank god for us the NFL Network broadcast the Broncos-Giants game last night.  For a network that cannot seem to avoid on-air gaffes, we should have expected them to mic up what is obviously one of the most foul-mouthed people associated with the NFL (and that is an impressive feat, the NFL isn’t exactly known for it’s etiquette).  Who’s really impressed with the NFL Network anyways?  They are just horrible.

Although the Broncos ended up pulling off the victory, McDaniels went off on a tirade after a penalty-laced drive that ended without a touchdown.  Now, had the mic picked up McDaniels’ cursing live, then maybe the NFL Network’s mistake would have been excusable.  Or better yet, if it had been a lingerie-clad beauty cursing, that would have been more than acceptable.  That isn’t what happened though.  The Network actually taped the “speech”, then played it back later for the viewers.  One has to assume they want trouble with the FCC, right?  I mean they played it back!  What morons.

Hat Tip Video – [FanSided]

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