Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Kiana Kim is Smart And Beautiful

Kiana KimA couple months ago, everyone’s favorite Hall of Fame banned, gambling, baseball player/manager Pete Rose showed up to the Arreola-Klitchko fight with a gorgeous Asian bombshell on his arm.  We later found out she was his girlfriend, and that she was going to be trying out to pose in playboy.

While Pete Rose is not exactly the most morally upstanding citizen, he has always been a stud in a lot of ways.  During his playing days, he earned the nickname “Charlie Hustle” based on his all-out effort on every single play.  The man played with so much heart and intensity, he even ran over the catcher like a runaway train in a meaningless all-star game at one point.  After his gambling hijinks as a manager, he was banned from baseball forever.  He creates mixed feelings in most people, and this new stunt improves his status (in my eyes at least).

But what’s the big deal, you ask?  She probably can’t bend like a gymnast can, right?  I mean we know he is impressed by strippers and porn stars, but what’s the big deal?  So some former athlete showed up with some dumb hot girl at  boxing match, who cares?  I care, that’s who.  And so should you.  Last week, the Houston Chronicle released some information about this lovely lady that is very impressive:

One magazine referred to her as Pete Rose’s Mystery Girl! I met her a few days later when she was in Houston for her Playboy shoot. Her name is Kiana Kim. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, and moved here when she was 5. She has a degree in marketing from Arizona State University. She and Rose live in California. She owns a hair salon and hopes to become the host of a TV show. She worked out five days a week for six months in order to get ready for her Playboy photos.

Yeah, not only is she about 20 years younger than him, but she also has brains and business savvy to boot.  Way to go Mr. Rose!  Keep trotting out the eye candy for us, I promise we’ll keep tuning in.

Hat Tip – [Houston Chronicle]