Chad Jones Wrecks Joe Adams in LSU-Arkansas Game

Chad Jones Wrecks Joe Adams in LSU-Arkansas GameArkansas has given LSU problems the last few years.  Although LSU always seems to be the superior team coming into the matchup, Arkansas squeaked out the win for the last two years.  This year was no different in that it was a close game, but LSU got the last laugh with a game-winning field goal in overtime.

LSU didn’t just win the game, they punished the Razorbacks in the form of the hardest hit I have seen in a long time.  As Arkansas was marching down the field late in the 4th, down 4, Ryan Mallett threw a great pass to Joe Adams.  The only problem is the pass led Adams directly into Chad Jones.  Jones led with his helmet and earned a penalty for it, but it saved a touchdown and created the best video clip of a college football hit all season.  If I was Adams, I would rather get pantsed than take a hit like that.

Although Adams would go on to catch a touchdown on 4th down a few plays later, the hit made the crowd go crazy and fired up the LSU players.  In overtime, LSU scored a quick field goal.  On Arkansas’s possession, they were unable to create anything on offense and had to settle for a 36-yard field goal.  They missed it.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, this is one of the best hits you will see.  It was what is known as a “Triple KO“, since the ball and both players were knocked out.  It may not have been completely clean because Jones led with his helmet, but it saved the touchdown.  Had he not put the hit on like he did, Adams may have hung onto the ball and scored.

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