Erin Andrews Points Out Colt McCoy’s Herpes on Live TV

Erin Andrews Points Out Colt McCoys HerpesErin Andrews needs to get off her high horse.  Yeah, we know that you are possibly the hottest sideline reporter of all-time, and yes we have seen you naked and know how glorious you look.  That being said, isn’t it a little rude to point out Colt McCoy‘s herpes on live television?

I mean the guy just scored 5 touchdowns and kept Texas’s BCS Championship hopes alive.  There are probably 100s, if not 1000s of beautiful Texas women lining up to give him herpes (or just sleep with him, but whatever).  Erin Andrews is extremely sweet and lovable and seems to have bounced back pretty strong from the peephole scandal, but this was an odd incident.

The truth is it appears that she is trying to help him, as she points out that he asked about the cut and wondered how it would look on camera.  I’m not sure how Andrews thought drawing attention to the cold sore, as opposed to ignoring it, would help Colt.  But hey, she’s the sideline expert right? And it’s definitely not worse than seeing Ric Flair‘s old-man ass bared on camera, that’s for sure.

Texas remains undefeated and will likely play the winner of the Alabama-Florida SEC Championship game for the National Championship.  No word on whether McCoy’s cold sore will be active or not for the game.  Erin Andrews will surely keep us posted on it though.

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