Northeastern Hits Miracle Half-Court Buzzer Beater To Win

Northeastern Hits Miracle Half-Court Buzzer Beater To WinIt’s college basketball season and I’ll tell you how I know.  The crazy finishes have begun.  What sets college basketball apart from all other sports is not the crazy “kiss-dunks”, but the insane upsets and wild endings to games.  While college basketball started a few weeks ago, it doesn’t truly start until someone launches a halfcourt prayer that goes in to win a game.  Thanks to Northeastern, it has begun.

With the clock winding down and Northeastern and Wright State tied at 67 apiece, Chaisson Allen of Northeastern heaved a halfcourt shot that went in as time expired.  I’m not sure how to pronounce his name, but it’s no Just-in’Love, that’s for sure.  Chaisson led the team with 21 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, but the game-winner was all that mattered when it came down to it.  Although Wright State led most of the first half, Northeastern was able to claw its way back in and set up the tie which would lead to Chaisson’s amazing shot.

Oh and on a sidenote, boy did that Northeastern mascot get disrespected, right?  He gets knocked over, then is clearly shunned as the team celebrates the victory.  Where’s the love for “Paws”?  While 1 and 2 of college basketball are upsets and miracle finishes, #3 is obviously the goofy mascots.  Get Paws involved guys!

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