Degenerate Gambler Posts Ad on Craigslist to Cover Loss with Bookie

Degenerate Gambler Posts Ad on Craigslist to Cover Loss with BookieBe it buying squares in your office Super Bowl pool, entering a bracket for March Madness, or even betting on a few random NBA or NFL games, most people gamble on sports to some extent. Heck, even I have some DONKY friends who like to gamble sometimes.  The problem with gambling is the same problem as with everything else: its okay in moderation, but when you go overboard that’s when you get in trouble.

Sometimes, dumb bets can spawn hilarious results however.  This idiot from Detroit made one of the biggest no-nos in gambling, betting with money he didn’t have.  His Craigslist posting hilariously explains it all:

I need to sell my couch ASAP because I need to pay rent this month !! I lost a Parlay bet on the New Orleans/New England football game last night, and if that f#$%ing @&#hole John Carney didn’t miss a 39 yard field goal, I would of hit the over, and I wouldn’t be in this situation. My Fiance and I just bought the couch a couple of months ago, and it’s beige plus very comfortable. I can help you deliver it because I have a truck. If you see the attached picture, you can see my truck, and where I slept at last night. [CraigsList]

I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that he gambled away his couch, or that his fiance made him sleep in his truck (or maybe he was so upset about the game he just got drunk and passed out in the back?).  As critical as we are being of him, I would be pretty upset if Carney missed that field goal at the end of the game to destroy a big parlay I had going.

If this story is true, and we have no reason to believe it’s not, I’ve got a feeling our gambling friend might not have much of a future, with his fiance or otherwise.  He won’t just be dressing up as a homeless guy like Jeter did, he might actually BE homeless.  We can only hope it leads to more hilarious tales of bad bets.

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