High School Girl Fights In Boys Hockey Game (Video)

High School Girl Fights In Boys Hockey GameIf you were under the mistaken impression that girls were not as tough as boys, this video should help put that misconception to rest.  She is not the first girl to defend herself on the ice, and she won’t be the last.  Hockey is generally a very physical sport, and this girl had to know what she was getting into when laced up her skates.

As she skates in near the goal, two boys on the white team take her to the ground.  Her team takes exception to that, and everyone comes flying out for the brawl.  The female hockey player performs admirably, going punch for punch with a couple of the white team’s players.  Eventually she goes down and stops fighting as the brawl drifts away from her.  While Elizabeth Lambert showed girls can have toughness in sports, she did it with zero class.  This girl is just standing up for herself and makes you want to cheer her on.

The craziest part of this fight is that the referees just seem to be standing around and watching.  If it were the NHL, that might be acceptable, or even a college game.  To let high school kids just fight and fight for minutes at a time without breaking it up is disturbing.  They gave the girl a chance to defend herself and get a few shots in, but that should have been the end of it.

Good thing for us it wasn’t.  That girl has a mean right hook and no one would have seen it if those irresponsible refs had been a little more conscientious.

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