Incredible Soccer Goal Makes Scoring Look Easy

Incredible Soccer Goal Makes Scoring Look EasyNot all goals are created equal.  This one is a prime example of that.  What might be extremely difficult is made to look easy in this video, with one of the players kicking a slow, long, arcing goal that seemed almost effortless.  I assure you it wasn’t.  This isn’t the first long goal we have seen lately, but the other one was as much a product of the goalie’s lack of effort as it was the shooter’s skill.  The goalie here is powerless to stop it.

The player’s name is Diego Souzas and he is Brazilian.  He scored this incredible goal to help Palmeiras’ gain a huge win over Atletico-MG.  The win propelled Palmeiras into 3rd place and putting them just 2 points behind league leaders Flamengo.  They will have a shot to pass Flamengo in a matchup with the leaders next week.

In the meantime, Souzas has put together a nice season.  This is his 11th goal to go along with 6 assists on the season.  He is an offensive-minded midfielder and has scored from all over the pitch, but this may have been his most clever goal of the season.  After the goalie for Atletico comes running out to clear the ball, Souzas takes one step and puts a huge boot on the ball, kicking it far over the goalie and defenders’ heads and propelling it right into the goal.  The only thing the goal was missing was a creative celebration, but we won’t complain.

Hat Tip – [IMScouting]

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